Mini Academy Syllabus

Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis (10&U tennis) offers the perfect introduction to the game of tennis. Mini Tennis uses
smaller courts, appropriate net heights, modified rackets and lower bouncing balls. These
modifications result in the following:

  1. Balls are more often hit in an appropriate strike zone, allowing players to develop better
    technique sooner.
  2. Players develop a greater tactical awareness of the court and opponents sooner, as they have the time to integrate the position of their opponent into the decision-making process.

There are three stages of Mini Tennis:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green

Our Syllabus

At Berkhamsted Tennis and Fitness we have a unique coaching syllabus for our Mini Tennis / 10&U
tennis programme. This syllabus allows us coaches, the players, and parents to monitor the progress of players through a structured pathway.

For example, within each ball colour (Red, Orange and Green) there are 3 levels. A red ball player
just starting out will begin training on our Red 3 syllabus and once their skill level develops, they can
take the Red 3 playing test. Passing the Red 3 test will give the player Red 3 status and allow them to
move onto the Red 2 syllabus. Once the player has achieved Red 1 status, they will progress to the
next ball colour (Orange). This process continues throughout the pathway.

You can view the progression through the mini tennis programme on the diagram below.

Content and Session Structure

Each session is fundamentally split into three sections:

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills (Locomotion, Manipulation, Stabilization) – Relating to Main
    Teaching Content
  2. The Main Teaching Content – Technical / Tactical
  3. Competition / Points – Relating to Main Teaching Content

Over the course of the term (12 weeks) players will learn and be assessed on the following:

  • Knowledge of the game (e.g. Learning the rules, how to score, how to compete, fair play).
  • Fundamental Movement Skills (e.g. Locomotion, Manipulation, and Stabilization)
  • Skills for the different phases of a point: Start, Build, Opportunity Ball, Finish


Play tests will be conducted throughout the term, approximately every 3 weeks, and then a full
assessment again at the end of the 12th week. This way we offer players that may not have met the
required standards earlier in the term to re-test, giving everyone the opportunity to progress through
to the next level.

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