Mini Academy

Child will come into this stage from 8 years old and continue until 10. Tennis has now likely become one of your child’s “number one things”. It is at this point our programme begins to adopt a more traditional academy set up, however with some important differences:

  • Progress through our syllabus will continue to be merit based as they master certain tennis specific skills through orange and then green ball – if they achieve the skills at each stage they will be “fast tracked” through
  • Players will start to follow a detailed training programme
  • Long-term view of player development (effort and application being consistently valued and rewarded)
  • Family’s commitment to the journey – usually involves making some sacrifices

Tennis Specific

  • Peak skill emphasis
  • Development of tennis core skills
  • Basic understanding of tactical intentions: Attack, Build, Counter-Attack, Defend
  • Introduction to applying core skills in decision making situations
  • Basic assessment for level comparison identification
  • Tennis training 3/4 times per week



  • Participation in 2-3 complimentary sports
  • Start playing matches outside local area (regional/national)

Programme Guidelines:

Total Hours: 9-10 per week

Tennis Practice hours: 5 per week

FMS hours: 4 per week

Practice Match/Free Play hours: 2 per week

Proportion of Tennis/FMS hours

Tennis = 64%             Physical = 36%

At these ages LTA County Performance Officers/Managers contact us and ask us to provide a list of children we would like to put forward to attend County trials. Children that are selected by the County from these trials have the opportunity to attend County Training and/or become a County team player. These achievements are highly regarded and celebrated by the local schools

Spring term

Orange Ball
£ 231 / 12 weeks
Orange Ball
£ 132 / 12 weeks

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