Fitness Classes

At Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness our aim is to offer fitness training which first and foremost aids people in their health and wellbeing which in turn will help them play tennis more often. There is a selection of weekly classes as well as individual training options. Our current weekly classes are shown below. Click below to register interest in a certain class or to enrol. Dan White, our Head of Strength & Conditioning is available for 1:1 lessons or for private groups. For more information, click on the 1:1 training tab above.



Tennis & Squash Conditioning Tennis & Squash Conditioning
Tennis & Squash Conditioning

Circuit and/or interval training with specific exercises and time intervals to develop conditioning for tennis & squash

Strength for tennis & squash Strength for tennis & squash
Strength for tennis & squash

Specific strength training to improve performance in the tennis & squash whenever on court.

Combat Conditioning Combat Conditioning
Combat Conditioning

A Conditioning session using martial arts and combat sport drills. Involves striking pads with hands, elbows, knees and kicks as well as vertical grappling exercises. 

Stretching & Mobility Stretching & Mobility
Stretching & Mobility

Tennis and Squash are demanding sports and can take a lot out of you physically. These classes will aid recovery so that you can be at your best on court.

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