Junior Development

The Development groups are ideal for players 11+ who have moved out of mini tennis programmes and want challenging sessions with less weekly commitment. The delivery of these sessions is based more on tactical intentions, decision making and shot selection, building a playing style,  doubles tactics drills and games. The development programme is split into 14U and 18U groups, although these are just rough guides to enable the players to train with players of a similar age group. The majority of these squads are run on ability rather than age. We have a tier system within each group to help players get what they want from these sessions.

For more information on our Junior Development programme, our tier system and how we link competition into the programme please click here.

Contact Us to Book Now for the Summer Term 2021

Our Summer Term will run for 12 weeks from Monday the 12th of April to Sunday the 11th of July (not including the half term holiday week of the 31st of May).

Courses still available

Monday 5-6.30pm

Tuesday 5.30-7pm

Wednesday 5.30-7pm

Friday 4.30-6pm

Saturday 2-3pm


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