Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness offers competitive opportunities through Universal Tennis events which gives our players as well external players much needed match play. We are also proud to announce that we have joined up with the Progress Tour and Tennis Works to offer the Mini Challenger Tour this Autum & Winter.

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The UTR (universal tennis rating) is a global rating which is regarded as the most accurate and reliable index of tennis skill available to players, coaches, clubs, tournament and federations. Players are rated on a 16-point scale regardless of age, gender or nationality (16.5 being the highest). Player UTR’s move up and down depending upon their performance against other players and not specifically about whether they win or lose. “UTR is the best way to measure yourself against all other players regardless of age or level”. Novak Djokovic (UTR – 16.13).

Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness will run weekend UTR match play events for our players as well as for external players to offer competitive opportunities.  All matches are level based, meaning that all players will get competitive matches that have direct effect on their UTR. All matches within 2 points will count towards UTR changes.

Mini Challenger Tour Mini Challenger Tour
Mini Challenger Tour

The vision of the Mini Challenger Tour is to nurture, support and connect an international and diverse community of young tennis players and parents at a pivotal stage of their development, through the provision of an innovative and inclusive series of values-driven, fun and interactive mini tennis events. The aim of the circuit is to introduce young children and fledgling tennis parents to competition in a fun, interactive and informative way, while also instilling values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Both individual and team competitive formats are offered.

Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness will be hosting a number of events this Autumn and Winter. With events also being held at clubs throughout Herts & Bucks. Having local events that are run by professionals in a team environment will not only ensure you’ll have a great experience but that you will improve as people and tennis players.

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