Enjoy Tennis

Enjoy tennis is the second stage of our programme for your child’s tennis development. In the school year that they are turning 6 years old they will move up to this stage. It is here we will begin to introduce more tennis-specific skills and we start your child on our ‘tennis syllabus’ via our on-line platform. Our syllabus is merit based and your child will work their way through the levels of the red ball as they master certain tennis specific skills


  • Learn core tennis skills
  • Elementary decision-making skills
  • Introduction to playing the game
  • Players to compete at least once a month in weekend tournaments or match play events.
  • Continue with the Functional Movement Skills FMS (read more) programme during group fitness sections
  • Principles of warming up and cool down

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Our Summer Term will run for 12 weeks from Monday the 12th of April to Sunday the 11th of July (not including the half term holiday week of the 31st of May).

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