Junior Academy (Full ball)

At this stage of our programme, we offers 2 tiers of performance tennis to the players at 10/11 years old. These tiers are for those players that aspire to becoming professional players or attaining a US College scholarship so would like to continue along our performance pathway. 

Tier 1 players will have likely had to adhere to our programme guidelines from the Enjoy Sport stage until now and thus meet the required pre-requisites to join our “elite” programme. Those that are not quite there yet but have the drive and passion to pursue their dreams, we have our Tier 2 programme.

Tennis Specific

  • Assessment for selection
  • Critical tennis specific skill development phase
  • Training reflects more realistic game pressures for application of core skills to develop decision making
  • Competition used to reinforce learning and refining of application of technique not performance
  • Players will start to participate in international competition
  • Tennis training 5 times per week


Programme Guidelines:

Total Hours: 18 per week

Tennis Practice hours: 10 per week

S&C hours: 5 per week

Practice Match/Free Play hours: 3 per week

Proportion of Tennis/Physical hours

Tennis = 62%             Physical = 38%


Spring term

Tiers 1 & 2
£ 386 / 12 weeks

Join our Junior Academy!