Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness works with the UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) to provide continuous competitive opportunities to our players as well external players needing match play. The UTR is a global rating which is regarded as the most accurate and reliable index of tennis skill available to players, coaches, clubs, tournament and federations. Players are rated on a 16-point scale regardless of age, gender or nationality (16.5 being the highest). Player UTR’s move up and down depending upon their performance against other players not specifically about whether they win or lose. “UTR is the best way to measure yourself against all other players regardless of age or level”. Novak Djokovic (UTR – 15.76).

Our Competitions


Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness will run weekend afternoon match play events during term time for our players as well as for external players to offer competitive opportunities. Within our holiday camps we will run match plays for everyone signed up to those respective weeks. All matches will be level based, meaning that all players will get competitive matches that will have  direct affect on their UTR. All matches within 2 points will count towards UTR changes.


On the UTR website there is a college fit tool which allows players signed up to power subscriptions to find out what USA colleges would offer scholarships relative to their UTR.  Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness is working with the UTR to regularly run College Showcase match plays for specific UTR bands in the future. Whereby players will have all their matches videoed and tagged and then sent to perspective college coaches.

Interested in UTR Competitions?