Changing Room & Toilet Use

The LTA recommends that all Clubs should have a policy about the safe use of changing facilities, in particular when adults and children share facilities and, the use of mobile phones. Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness policy is aligned with BLT&SRC detailed below.

There are times when a mix of age groups will be playing either tennis or squash at the same time. Therefore, it is not possible to allocate specific time slots for use of changing rooms and toilets e.g. by adults only or by children only.

There are no laws stipulating children under 18s and adults of the same gender cannot share changing or toilet facilities; however, the following guidance should be considered:

  • BLT&SRC has gender-specific changing rooms and toilets available. Where possible, adults shall not change or shower at the same time as children (except in the case of a child under 8 years being accompanied by their parent).
  • Children under the age of 8 years may, when accompanied by their parent, use the changing room or toilet of the opposite gender.
  • Parents of pre-school children attending coaching at the Club must remain on site at all times and are responsible for accompanying their child to the toilet when needed. Coaches are not permitted to take very young children who require assistance to the toilet.
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 8 years attending coaching groups will be accompanied by their coach, to the Clubhouse for toilet use. The coach will then wait in the corridor outside the toilets before supervising their return to court or break time.
  • Where possible, there should not be a time when one adult is alone in the changing room or toilet when children under 18 are present and vice versa (unless the child is accompanied by their parent).
  • Mobile phones, cameras or any other recording devices must not be used in changing rooms or toilets at any time.
  • Wherever possible, coaches shall change at home or at a different time to the group they are coaching.
  • Wherever possible, children should come to the Club ready to play. It is appreciated that this is not always possible for after-school coaching/play and as such coaches and staff are asked not to use the changing rooms between the hours of 15.15 and 17.15.
  • Children under 18 should change at home when playing for senior teams, unless parents have given consent to relevant captains for their child to do so at the Club when in the company of senior players.
  • No pressure should ever be put on someone to use the changing facilities and the option to change at home or to find an alternative provision should always be available.
  • In line with our anti-bullying policy, antisocial or bullying behaviour is not accepted any where at the Club, including the changing rooms and toilets.

To report any concerns regarding the changing facilities at BLT&SRC, please contact the Club’s Welfare Officer, Carolyn Parry: Phone: 07771 743542 E-mail: