Junior Academy

Our Junior Academy is aimed at those players that aspire to becoming professional players or attaining a US College scholarship so would like to continue along our performance pathway. We offer 2 tiers of performance tennis to the players at 10/11 years old and above. 

Tier 1 – Competition

  • Players will have likely had to adhere to our programme guidelines from the Enjoy Sport stage
  • Players must meet the required pre-requisites to join; ranking, county representation and/or weekly training quota
  • Players will have achieved green 1 TTI Mini Tennis status in coming through our U10 programme
  • All our Junior Academy Tier 1 classes are designed specifically for the development of each player’s individual game style. Tier 1 players have now developed their game style and will continue to build on it throughout all classes

Tier 2 – Experienced

  • Players who are not quite there yet with the pre-requisites, but have the drive and passion to pursue their dreams
  • Players will have achieved green 2 TTI Mini Tennis status in coming through our U10 programme
  • Should be training multiple times per week and competing in our adult box league. Looking to progress through to Adult Team Squads/Match Practices when appropriate
  • All our Junior Academy Tier 2 classes run for 2 x 6 weeks blocks* over a term, with either a match situation (serve, build, opportunity ball or finish), doubles or competition theme. To read in more details about what your child will be doing in each of these weeks, please click here

*some terms will not have 12 weeks so the content will be tweaked to reflect this in those terms.

Enrolment into our Junior Academy programme is criteria based. For enrolment details, please contact us.

Join our Junior Academy!