Dan White - Head of Strength & Conditioning

Dan’s interest in physical culture started a long time ago as a nine-year-old when he began to practise Karate-do, which he still practises today after thirty-odd years of training.

Dan loves to learn about anything that could improve his performance. This led him to graduate university with a BSc(Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science. His thirst for knowledge about training and athletic preparation for himself as well as others has only increased from there. Along the way, Dan gained a passion for using a wide range of practices and tools from mobility, flow, yoga, bodyweight callisthenics, unconventional strength equipment and weightlifting.

Dan prides himself in the fact that he is continually learning, with the aim to share the knowledge and experiences he has gained to help others realise their goals in all areas of performance from everyday life to elite sport.



Sport and Exercise Science

TADO -13

Strength & Conditioning Coach


TACFIT Field Instructor


Field Instructor

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+44 (0) 7830448233
1:1 rate
£ 45 / hour

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